11 items you need in your golf bag. ( Not clubs )

Without a properly equipped golf bag, you can find your self in some real trouble. having the right item can make your golfing experience a whole lot better. Here are my picks for 11 essential items you need to have in your golf bag.

  1. New Golf balls.  I mean really. what good are golf clubs if you don’t have balls. There are lots of brands to choose from so find the brand that’s right for you.

2. Used golf balls.  All ways good to keep some around.  They are good for practicing if you are stuck behind a slow foursome. You can find really cheap used golf balls on line.

3. Towels . Ideally one for your neck and face and one to dry stuff up if it rains.

4. Rain Gear. This includes a jacket, pants, a hat and of course a rain cover for your bag.

5. Umbrella. Just make sure it matches your rain gear.

6. Socks. Just in case you find yourself saving a shot from a water hazard.

7. Gloves .  Three is a good number. One for practice, one for play , and reserve glove just in case.

8. Water. Keeping hydrated is very important. I prefer to reuse and recycle.

9. Sunscreen. A large amount of golfers are battling with skin cancer. Do your part to prevent it.

10. Business cards. You never know who you are going to meet on the golf course.

11. Cash. In case you and your friends want to make the game just a little more interesting.  There are lots of betting games out there, like my favorite Vegas Golf.

So there you have it. My must haves when it come to golf. Did we miss anything? leave your comment below . Let us know what your golf bag essentials are.



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6 Replies to “11 items you need in your golf bag. ( Not clubs )”

  1. Hey Joey! Great article! I am avid golfer like yourself. I found your website to be very informative. I particularly liked this article because it is true, you need to have other items in your bag to have fun. Great article and keep up the good work. I have one question for you. Do you recommend any good range finders? I am in the market for one and wanted to get your opinion on them.


    1. Shawn, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Im glad you enjoyed the article. As far as the range finders, I can recommend a couple .
      The Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder . It’s really light which I like, and seems to do ok if your target doesn’t have a backdrop within 10 yards.

      The Bushnell Tour V4 Golf Laser Rangefinder. Its really easy to use and seems very accurate. Haven’t had any problems trying to shoot the flag or bunkers.

      Please stop by again and let me know which range finder you decided on.

      Thanks!! Joey P

  2. Thank You

    Interesting items you need in your golf bag, some are familiar to me and some are things I would not have thought of on my own. All the things are very useful and I should add to my own golf bag, happy I read this post today.


    1. Jeff, thanks for leaving a comment. An item I left off the list that I should have included was BenGay…. LOL. I guess this is for after I play 18 holes. But seriously, a first aid kit is also a must have in your bag.. I hope you follow my blog. I hope to include more interesting articles as I learn the sport…

      Take care.. Joey P

  3. Golfing is an interesting game, I have never played the game but I have often wanted to give it a try.

    The items you shared you need in your golf bag are very useful items to have when out playing golf.

    I wrote these down for the future, I am saving for a set of golf clubs to start playing the game.

    1. Jeffrey, thanks for leaving a comment. Please feel free to follow my blog as I learn the game. I hope the info I share will help you with your game once you decide to start. You should check out the article I wrote regarding the Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer . This cool tool is helping me improve my swing day by day.

      Again, thanks for commenting and I hope you come back again soon….

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