My first post

Im Joey P.  A 42 year old Account Manager for an International freight forwarding company. Im also a father of two and I have been living on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico since 1989.

I have always been very active. throughout the years I have taken on several hobbies to keep me sane, in shape , and as a reason to get out of the house. From martial arts to home brewing.

I recently decided to take up golf.  As a fan of the game, I’m hoping I will learn to love the game even more once I hit the links.

I invite you to follow me as I slowly learn the sport and share my stories. Please feel free to give me pointers and help me improve my game one stroke at a time.

My Golfing Background…

I’m not totally ignorant to the game. I have followed the sport for many years. I always try to watch a least one round of whatever tournament that’s on TV and I have even attended a few local tournaments. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to pick up some clubs and see if I am any good at it. So far I have taken about 8 private lessons and logged about 80 hours on the driving range. I am looking forward to my first time on a real course. let’s see how it goes.

I’ll keep you posted.

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