Prepping for the BIG DAY

If you have been following me since day 1, you aware that I am new to the game of golf.  I have taken some classes and spent a lot of time at the driving range and putting green but that’s about it.  I do however feel comfortable enough to actually play the game for the first time.

So I called up a good friend of mine who has been playing golf for a while now. He agreed to come with me and witness the inevitable. Actually he has been great. He has provided a lot of pointers, training tools and even gave me a set of clubs he wasn’t using. The clubs are not new but they will do fine for now. I’m sure I will eventually have to buy a new set. I’ll cross that bridge later.

Before I head off to the my first tee, there are a few things I need to check from my prepping list.

It’s all about the fashion… 

If you have had the chance to play golf on the island of Puerto Rico, you know how important it is to look good on the golf course. So of course one of the first things I did to prep for my first time playing golf is buying the right outfit.  I decided to go ” Full Fowler “ with a black and an orange Puma ensemble. Check out the shoes..

There is no doubt that I will definitely look the part.

The Clubs…

As I mentioned before, I have been taking classes and practicing with an old set of clubs that where handed down to me by my buddy and mentor.  How old ? Lets just say that a Taylor Made R11S , a Titleist SM6 and a John Daley putter are the highlight of my bag. I’m sure that as I improve I will buy a new set. In the meantime, these babies will do just fine. My idea is to the buy a set of new clubs as soon as I break 100. setting a goal like this will definitely inspire me to improve quickly.  what set of golf clubs do you recommend?

The training.. 

8 private lessons and about 80 logged hours at the driving range have inspired me enough to take the next logical step… play an actual round of golf. In addition to the one on one lessons and just because I love buying stuff on line, I also invested on a great training guide that I hope will add to my development. I also have a net in the back yard.

Well, it seems that I have all my ducks in a row. I am excited about getting out there and seeing if golf is the game for me. I hope you join me in this adventure and look out for my next post as I learn the game .. One stroke at a time…

Joey P


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4 Replies to “Prepping for the BIG DAY”

  1. I have always been on the way to start playing golf. I had only once played 9 holes, but I enjoy it a lot. Guess I´m afraid, as I know me well enough to know that I would take it very seriously, that I have not enough time with only 40 hours in each day!
    But when you are absolute beginners as I am, do you recommended to start on your own to get the feeling, or is it better to start to direct with the great training guide you talk about?

    1. Hello Jóhann . Thanks for the comment. When starting out a new hobby, or sport I think it is always wise to get some type of help. There are tons of training guides on line that can help you improve your game. Its a matter of finding the right one for you. We will be posting a review on training guides very soon. Please stay tuned…

  2. I’ve been playing golf for about 7 years now Joey and the best advice I can give is be consistent with your play and play how you want to, not what other want you to. It’s a consistency game and if you want to score well at the weekend in the medal every week then you’ll need to practice consistently too.

    I’ve had loads of people tell me what to do, none of them really helped instead I get too caught up in my head during a round and over think my shots which as you can probably guess isn’t good.

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