What is the Morsh Golf 2 Wood?

Have you ever heard of the Morsh Golf 2 Wood? Until recently neither had I. I received my Morsh 2 wood not too long and I immediately thought that my reader would be interested in knowing who Morsh Golf is, and what the Morsh 2 Wood is. Now, this is not a product review. I will be doing one at a later date so stay tuned.


Morsh Golf was established in 2015 by Žiga Mlakar from Slovenia. Žiga had been playing golf for about 10 years when he came up with the idea of providing a product that would help amateur golfers to hit longer shots when they cannot find sufficient accuracy with the driver. Žiga noticed that many amateur golfers weren’t even carrying drivers in their bags. So he came up with the Morsh Golf 2 Wood.

According to Žiga Mlakar “In golf, the precision of the tee shots is incredibly important, but so is their length. The simple fact is that greater distance and accuracy grants us a better starting position for the next shot. This also presents the greatest challenge – the further we want to hit, the less accurate we are, mostly due to the difficulty of using the driver. Drivers are designed to maximize distance but do so at a high potential loss of accuracy. With the use of a slightly modified club, however, we could achieve a much improved accuracy at only a minimal cost to distance.”


This is what the Morsh 2 Wood is designed to do. Provide more control without losing too much distance.

2 wood specifications –

The club head is made out of stainless steel measuring 190cc, 205g

– The shaft is graphite with low bend point/flex point so the ball trajectory is high enough.

– Available stiffness is Regular, Stiff and X-stiff. The club is 44” or 43,5” long and has D2 swing weight.

– The grip is 45g regular thickness.

The overall benefits of the Morsh 2 Wood are better accuracy than with a driver with minimum loss of distance. Nice distance from the fairway with only 10 degrees of loft and a better feel.

Would like to know more about the Morsh 2 Wood? Then please click here and check them out. 

I’ll be doing a review on the Morsh 2 Wood very soon, so please stop by and check it out.

Are you currently an owner of Morsh 2 Wood? Let us know what you think. Leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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27 Replies to “What is the Morsh Golf 2 Wood?”

  1. Nice post , Joey
    I never got past the beginner stage a long time ago, but I sure loved the game. Is this morsh-golf-2-wood similar to the Big Bertha? I remember using those to increase my drive distance, but unfortunately I perfected very long slices.

    The purchase page is self-explanatory and the multiple reviews really add credence to your post. Well done!

    1. Hey, Warren, I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. Think of the Morsh 2 wood as a fairway wood but for driving off the tee. The Morsh is actually designed for golfers who haven’t really mastered a regular driver. 

      The 2 wood allows you to hit a straighter ball but you will sacrifice distance.If slicing the ball is your problem, then the Morsh 2 wood is perfect. Have you considered coming back to the game? if so let me know. perhaps I can share some tips… 

      Joey P

  2. I enjoyed learning about a product that I did not know was even available. The more woods I can carry in my bag the lower my score at the end of the round since I can’t seem to control my irons.

    Your use of images and video really helped present this product nicely. I also liked your call to action link to the product site so that I could learn more, see price, etc.

    Well done

    1. Bru, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. The Morsh 2 Wood is one of my favorite clubs. If you have any questions about the club, feel free to ask.

      Joey P

  3. This is a really good page to read! One of the main reasons I say that is because it’s not another mainstream brand being recommended. I’d never heard of Morsh gold before reading this and it’s great to get a little insight into it.

    One of the worst parts of my game is hitting the ball accurately. This club seems to have been designed with that in mind.

    Do you use many other Morsh golf clubs?

    1. Hello Jack, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I have the same issue when driving. The Morsh 2 Wood helped with my accuracy. This morning I actually shot a 95.
      Morsh only makes the 2 Wood, for now. As soon as they do come up with a new product, I will make sure to let you know.


  4. Great article introducing us to this unique new club. I golf occasionally so I love the idea of this club as the weakest part of my game is driving. This seems like it could really help me clean up that part of my game so I can be more consistent with my approach.

  5. I’m not going to lie. I am an avid golfer and love the game very much. Unfortunately I have never heard of a Morsh golf 2 wood either! I was very fascinated with this story and I definitely passed it along to a lot of my golf friends as well. The more of these clubs I can keep in my bag the better my score will be 🙂

    I love what you have on your website and keep up the fantastic work! I will definitely be a returning reader.


  6. I am a bit new to golf and I had not heard of Morsh 2 wood. If it plays as good as it looks it will improve my golf a lot.
    The video really adds value to your article, and you have also explained the product really well.
    I can usually hit long shots as I am pretty strong and hefty, but my accuracy always suffers. The further I hit the less accurate I am, less I have a really good day.
    This may be a solution for me.
    Thanks for letting me know about a product I have not heard of before.

  7. With my shoulder problem I need a club that will drive as far as possible, really as far, far as possible lol Having never heard of the ‘Morsh’ brand I’d be interested to see just how much distance was lost in respect of increasing the accuracy and whether or not it could improve my game.

    Thanks for the info on the club 🙂

    1.  I own a Morsh 2 wood and I can honestly say its improved my game considerably. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 

  8. I don’t usually play 9 holes, but I do enjoy going to the hitting range every now and then and try to hit the cart that cleans up all the balls. You’re absolutely right, the greater the distance you go, the less accurate you’ll be. It’s nice to know new clubs like these are always being developed.

  9. I’ve played golf from time to time with my best friend. I’v always had difficultly with accuracy. Probably because I’m greener than the grass I play on when it comes to experience. Before your article, I’ve never heard of the Morsh Golf 2, but from how you explain how it helps with accuracy. I think I might consider getting one and going back to the drive range.

    1. Nathan, practice makes perfect my friend. the Morsh 2 wood helped with my game, I’m sure it can do the same for you. thanks for stopping by, 

  10. Hello Joey!

    I have played golf a couple of times at some hotels that had that facility and to my surprise, I enjoyed it a lot. Before that, it seemed to me a little boring, but that is far from the truth. I was thinking of attending golf lessons, so do you think the Morsh Golf 2 Wood would be appropriate for my level??

    1. Antonis, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. The Morsh 2 Wood is perfect for all levels. This will help you keep the ball on the fairway, trust me , I have been using it for 6 months now and I love it..

  11. Great site. I am the reason you created this club. I am that person that struggles with using a driver long distance. Always slicing it off into somewhere it shouldn’t be. I cannot wait for warmer weather and this club.
    So they use this instead of he driver? Is it designed to go as far?

    1. Hey Bobby, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. The Morsh 2 Wood is designed to straighten your drive but you will sacrifice some distance. Overall its a great golf club. 

  12. When I golf with my wife, driving is usually a challenge for her, usually distance-wise. Don’t tell anyone but she likes to put her 2nd shot up on a tee and drive it again.

    Personally, I like to use a 3-wood for my 2nd shot.

    Would you use a Morsh 2-wood for your 2nd shot or do you restrict its use to the tee box? I’ve seen people use a driver for a 2nd shot but I don’t feel comfortable hitting one from the fairway.

    1. Hello, I absolutely use my Morsh 2 wood on my second shot. Just the other day used it on a par 4 and made it to the green in 2. The Morsh 2 wood is a very versatile club. Im sure you would love it. 

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Joey P 

  13. Hey Joe
    Great article and as a new golfer I’m just getting into the swing of things. I have had some exquisite drives and then all of a sudden I’m all over the place, so consistency is nowhere. Everyone loves the feeling of hitting with a driver sweetly and the ball flying so far it looks like it will never land
    However the same can’t be said for miss hits. I look forward to your review with much anticipation

    1. Paul, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I understand perfectly the lack of consistency. I was going through a dry spell until I tried the Morsh 2 Wood. Please stay tuned for the actual review. 

      Joey P

  14. I haven´t heard the Morsh golf 2 Wood before.But I like the idea a lot because when you are starting, or can´t practice enough it can be tricky to have balance with the distance and put the ball exactly where you want.

    But when I read your article come to my mind. A) Here in Iceland is the gold field shorter than for example in the USA. Is the thinking too much in the distance that it is less effective to use it in shorter fields? B) For club player, is it not good for them to use it?

  15. Provide more control without losing too much distance looks great! I have always had some problem with the drivers, tends to hit big slices to many times!
    So this sentence builds up interest for me about the Morsh 2 Wood.
    What the forgiving, do it forgive or do I need to be perfect?

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment. I dont think you need to be perfect at golf as long try your best to improve your game. The Morsh 2 Wood can , without a doubt help you improve your drive. 


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